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she gives you that weird feeling

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omg no he is one of those mediocre white boys that thinks he’s some kind of renaissance man because his parents encouraged him too much, and gets into 23948 different things and does a shitty job at all of them. he’s bobby newport

i only knew a lot of people liked him which i guess really isn’t indicative of talent paying attention to dark haired white boys is not my talent

Filed under lawofthetongue they all starting to run together though mila kunis is not at her best right now so i'm willing to blame it on the script at least partially these lines are star wars prequel good jimmy yells at oz the great and powerful

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so i’m going into this already hating it because

  • making the wizard a protagonist is the worst he is the worst he’s trash
  • james franco is one of those “men straight women like” (though i think in this he’s kind of a douchebag so whatever)
  • my understanding of it right now is james franco seduces all the witches which turns them evil

Filed under women are evil because MEN DON'T LOVE THEM AND SOMETIMES PEOPLE ARE PRETTIER THAN THEM WOMEN ARE PETTY AND JEALOUS jimmy yells at oz the great and powerful