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Anarchy Through Flowers: "Indian Women Alter SlutWalk to Better Match Country’s Conservatism"

The walk, designed as a protest against a Canadian police officer who advised women to “avoid dressing like sluts” if they want to be safe from sexual assault, has elsewhere involved women dressing as provocatively as they please. But in India, the SlutWalk set for this coming Sunday is getting a makeover, with student organizers saying they have tweaked the original concept to better match India’s conservative social palette.

The confrontational “slut” has been softened by adding the Hindi word for “shamelessness” to the event’s title. Women have been asked to march in their regular clothes. And weekly public debates and street theater are being promoted even more energetically than the walk itself.

Rather than focusing on clothes, the campaign is questioning gender stereotypes embedded in ancient Hindu religious epics, Bollywood movies and sexist matrimonial classified ads.

“There will be no dress code” for the march, said Umang Sabarwal, 19, the event’s chief organizer. “In India, no matter what we wear, even if we are covered head to toe in a sari or a burqa, we get molested and raped. A woman’s fight in India is more basic — it is a fight for the right to be born, education, nutritious food, work.”

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Inspired by this Comics Alliance article, which stated, regarding many female comic characters, “They read like men’s voices coming out of women’s faces.”
This isn’t to say men can’t write good women, or shouldn’t write women. It’s great when anyone writes fantastic female characters. But as far as I’m concerned, a lot of comic writers have never written women at all, only hollow wooden sex puppets.
(Prints of this if you want them.)


Inspired by this Comics Alliance article, which stated, regarding many female comic characters, “They read like men’s voices coming out of women’s faces.”

This isn’t to say men can’t write good women, or shouldn’t write women. It’s great when anyone writes fantastic female characters. But as far as I’m concerned, a lot of comic writers have never written women at all, only hollow wooden sex puppets.

(Prints of this if you want them.)

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An Open Letter from Black Women to the SlutWalk


We the undersigned women of African descent and anti-violence advocates, activists, scholars, organizational and spiritual leaders wish to address the SlutWalk. First, we commend the organizers on their bold and vast mobilization to end the shaming and blaming of sexual assault victims for violence committed against them by other members of society. We are proud to be living in this moment in time where girls and boys have the opportunity to witness the acts of extraordinary women resisting oppression and challenging the myths that feed rape culture everywhere. 
The police officer’s comments in Toronto that ignited the organizing of the first SlutWalk and served to trivialize, omit and dismiss women’s continuous experiences of sexual exploitation, assault, and oppression are an attack upon our collective spirits.  Whether the dismissal of rape and other violations of a woman’s body be driven by her mode of dress, line of work, level of intoxication, her class, and in cases of Black and brown bodies—her race, we are in full agreement that no one deserves to be raped.
The Issue At Hand
We are deeply concerned. As Black women and girls we find no space in SlutWalk, no space for participation and to unequivocally denounce rape and sexual assault as we have experienced it.  We are perplexed by the use of the term “slut” and by any implication that this word, much like the word “Ho” or the “N” word should be re-appropriated. The way in which we are perceived and what happens to us before, during and after sexual assault crosses the boundaries of our mode of dress.  Much of this is tied to our particular history.  In the United States, where slavery constructed Black female sexualities, Jim Crow kidnappings, rape and lynchings, gender misrepresentations, and more recently, where the Black female immigrant struggle combine, “slut” has different associations for Black women.  We do not recognize ourselves nor do we see our lived experiences reflected within SlutWalk and especially not in its brand and its label. [READ MORE]
This is the best - most thorough- critique that I have read about the SlutWalk. It fully addresses the concerns that I have been struggling to verbalize. Should be read in its entirety. 

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Jade, Jane, Feferi and Nepeta are too much alike. There’s hardly anything that would set their personalites apart and they can all be described as basically a cute and bubbly girl interested in quite ordinary, cute and girly things (baking, gardening, romance, etc).

captchalogue anon discussion meme what webcomic are you even reading (via owlpellets)


so having an interest in “girly things” means you have no personality of your own and are indistinguisable from other people who also take an interest in things that are defined as “girly” even if those arent your same interests?

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also gardening is obviously the only thing jade ever talks about, and nepeta only talks about shipping, and feferi only talks about… wait where does she fit on that list, and jane only talks about baking, WAIT, NO, you’re not reading into the characters at all, just browsing over their interests with your eyes glazed because you’re being a sexist douchebag

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ok let me just

break this down for a second

feferi is a fucking queen-to-be. she is plotting to overthrow a millenia-spanning monarchy, it was foretold she would unite two races, and she is responsible for coordinating the dream bubbles with jade.  she communes with eldritch abominations on a regular basis, for christ’s sake.  yeah she is also bubbly and sweet and really enjoys her relationship with sollux but that in no way mitigates her achievements?  also thinking in terms of relationships, we saw feferi cut loose someone with whom she had an unhealthy and one-sided relationship, move on, and eventually enter a healthy and mutually supportive relationship.  HOW TERRIBLE??????

as far as badassery goes, nepeta hunts and kills animals many times her size on a regular basis!  she also reigns in equius, which is no easy feat, and maintains a positive moirallegiance with him.  yes she also enjoys shipping and romance and has a pining crush, but…why is this a bad thing?  a lot of girls (hell, a lot of boys) have those qualities, why does this instantly invalidate her as a person?  is every girl who enjoys romance fantasies and roleplay automatically not good enough?

ok this next part i am not even going to try to be rational on: JADE HARLEY IS A FUCKING LIVING GOD.  she is basically the most powerful god tier and moved several planets across universes and dimensions.  without really even trying that hard!  yes jade is optimistic and generally cheerful, but we have also seen her angry, spiteful, and depressed.  we’ve even seen her explicitly examine those qualities within herself, come into conflict with herself.  just because she keeps her chin up and generally aims to be upbeat doesn’t mean that she has no problems or depth.

i will say that we haven’t seen much of jane yet, but i really hate that her love of baking is dismissed as feminine and used to dismiss her as shallow.  to reiterate, there is NOTHING WRONG WITH HAVING TRADITIONALLY FEMININE INTERESTS???? FUCK OFF????  also jane has expressed clear interest in video games, detective stories, and mustachioed gentlemen.  she has a variety of interests!  reducing her to “THAT GIRL WHO BAKES” is, uh, remarkably offensive!  like, holy shit, you are being pretty fucking sexist right there!


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Crisis Pregnancy Centers Claim Constitution Gives Them Right To Lie To Pregnant Ladies

The Huffington Post reports that the city ordinance was designed to address the fact that two crisis pregnancy centers led patients to believe that they offered abortion services, when in fact they basically exist to convince women to carry their pregnancies to term. One group, called First Resort, purchased Google ad space so that their clinic would appear first in search results for “San Francisco abortion,” even though they don’t provide abortion services.

The crisis pregnancy centers say that this law is unfair and a violation of their free speech rights.

It is your first amendment right to speak your opinion and advocate for what you think is right. It is not your first amendment right to lie to scared women and feed them misinformation that convinces them to make a decision they might not’ve made otherwise.

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[TW: street harassment] When my confident, curious, adventurous 12-year-old daughter asked if she could go get ice cream by herself (we live in a city) the first thing that I thought of was how to prepare her to hear:

“Where’s my smile, baby?”
“Wanna go for a ride?”

What if she is surprised? Looks down? Doesn’t give the guy speaking to her the positive response that he seems to think he’s entitled to? What hurtful, explicit things will he then say to put her in her place?

From now on, she’ll have to be on alert. How many times will she have to go out of her way, take longer routes, not go certain places, alter her clothes? Not forget to hold her keys poking through her fingers? Not take certain buses, and pay for a cab instead of taking a metro? Take her lighthearted moods and tuck them away behind earphones and fake phone conversations?

How will it make my daughter feel? Powerless? Angry? Sad? Scared? It’s stressful and depressing to have to acknowledge the underlying threat of violence, especially in a culture that is dedicated to equality for all, a concept predicated on equal and safe access to public space and free speech. Her loss of innocence will have as much to do with the betrayal of this myth of equality and equal access as with understanding her physical vulnerability.

Soraya Chemaly: Street Harassment is Everywhere; What do We Tell Our Daughters? (via heavenearthandhoratio)

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Join Me in Signing (&reblog): UVM Fraternity Questionnaire Asks Who Frat Brothers Would Rape, Sparks Outrage



Today, a questionnaire has been roaming around the interwebs that originated from fraternity brothers at Sigma Phi Epsilon at the University of Vermont. Check out Sarah’s post about the incident on the SAFER blog.

SAFER was sent a copy of the questionnaire, which mostly consists of benign questions like name, birthday major, amount of time with SigEp and favorite SigEp memories, hobbies, future goals, and so on. But the last question is causing some outrage: “If you could rape someone, who would it be?”

This petition was started last night by “Feminists from UVM” and already has nearly 500 signatures. The petition description says the following:

This egregious expression of rape culture is only the most recent example of systemic sexism at UVM. The past year alone has witnessed rape, multiple sexual assaults, and anti-abortion chalking in public spaces. While the university administration has laid off long-time Women’s and Gender Studies faculty and supported sexist institutions like Sigma Phi Epsilon, it has refused to take concerted action to combat sexism and rape culture. We demand that instead of diverting resources into vast salaries for its administrators, UVM should launch an aggressive campaign against sexism and rape culture, and it should expand institutions such as Women’s and Gender Studies and the Women’s Center at UVM. Furthermore, UVM must immediately disband Sigma Phi Epsilon. An institution that discusses who it wants to rape has no place at UVM or in the Burlington community.

Sign the UVM petition and look for updates over at FedUp Vermont, a local grassroots feminist organization.

(Source: The SAFER Blog)

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